Hewie, is a character in the game, Haunting Ground.

He is a four-year-old White German Shepard, serves as Fiona Belli 's only friend and hope of escaping the mansion alive. He becomes attached to the main protagonist Fiona after she saves him from captivity in the early stages of the game, unbinding barbed wire from his neck. Hewie is fiercely loyal and will not hesitate to attack Fiona's pursuers when trained correctly, or alternatively will be disobedient and somewhat unresponsive if the player chooses to kick and feed him onions, however, this is necessary to get the evil ending.

Doing so also shortens the game, unlike the other endings which require a playthrough of an extra level. Strangely Hewie seems well cared for, as commented on by Fiona once finding him, despite the situation. His collar is found when Fiona escapes in the opening cutscene from the room in which she awoke encaged in, as well as a glimpse of him seen attacking Debilitas, the first stalker. It is because of this it is thought Hewie was either captured and brought to the mansion (due to him being in the same room in which Fiona had been locked in when captured) or actually belongs or belonged to someone who lives or had lived within the mansion.


In order of Fiona to survive the mansion and successfully escape her stalkers on each level, she runs, hides or kicks them to alternatively 'stun' them. Hewie serves as another deffensive option to the player and can be ordered to attack the stalkers, or if trained well, will attack by his own will. As well as this he can be ordered to search the area for items or reach places otherwise unaccesible to Fiona. Hewie growls when stalkers or any other form of danger is near (eg traps or luminesence) and so is a vital key in surviving.

To maintain a good relation ship with Hewie, the player must not let him die or get harassed by the stalkers, the player must feed him, with Beef Jerky, Chicken Jerky, but not Onions which lowers his stamina. The player should avoid hitting him (like kicking or shooting).

If the player does negative attitude towards Hewie, the player will be left in the path of ending D, Hewie doesn't recover from Riccardo's bullet and Hewie dies. But the Endeing D is not canon as it is clear in the game that Fiona loves animals and especially Hewie.


As it is stated above, Hewie is fiercly loyal and will not hesitate to protect Fiona from the stalkers that stalks him relenlessly.After Fiona frees him, Hewie had begun to trust and see Fiona as his master, thus beginning their bond.