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Azoth? - Fiona Belli
Fiona Belli (フィオナ・ベッリFiona berri) is the 18 year old protagonist of the survival horror game Haunting Ground by CAPCOM.

Both of Fiona's parents were killed in a car accident and she wakes up trapped in a mysterious castle. This castle has creepy stalks that wants to kill, rape, and eat her body.

Personality Edit

Fiona is shown to be frightened easily, as seen in several points throughout her journey in Belli Castle (like her first encounter with Lorenzo),due to her sheltered lifestyle.Although, she can make these up by her quick thinking, and mental agility.Fiona is also not very athletic. As also stated above, Fiona is very shy and quiet, but her spirit is strong, and she is not weak-willed.

Fiona is also shown to care, and is a loving person towards animals , as seen when she sets Hewie free, which started the beginning of their bond. When examining a tiger rug, she will comment that it must be very awful for it to be walked at all day.

As a student of music and arts,Fiona has talent, Fiona comments at one point of the game that she can play the piano, but no comment on how well.

Appearance Edit


Fiona's appearance that shows her features.

Fiona is a teenager with an average height and an exceptionally voluptuous body. Fiona's blonde hair is tied back into a low ponytail, and her bangs flow freely just above her eyes.She has a pale skin with a pink tint into it, she has light blue eyes which matches the color of her hair tie, and she does not appear to wear any make-up.In her neck she wears a simple brown choker, with a charm attached.

Her shirt design is very complex. Her shirt is white with a rectangular collar,under the collar is a strip of brown cloth with a vine-like design, the back of her shirt is open,being held close by light blue ribbons criss-crossing down to her waist, and is nearly tied to a bow.Fiona's sleeves have a "puffed" look, which end a few inches before her wrists, the sleeves have three lines in total and has a similar design as the strip of cloth in her collar; there is one near the shoulder (which acts like a cuff), and two at the wrists. The sides of Fiona's shirt also has white strings criss-crossing around, the bottom of her shirt bears a snow-flake like pattern.

For her bottom she wears a translucent dark purple min skirt which starts at her torso and ends at her thighs several inches above her knees with a floral pattern at the edge.

Fiona wears a pair of black stockings with a solid edge, and tall rusty brown boots with a vine-like (almost floral) design at sides. At the top of her boots is a "v" shape where the zipping begins. The bottom of her shoes has black heels which is lifted an inch high.

In the beginning of the game Fiona only wears a cream colored silk sheet.

Halfway through Riccardo's level at the water tower, her outfit changes to a surgery outfit(Under The Scalpel)

Haunting GroundEdit

When she turn 18, Fiona Belli left home to attend university. While visiting her parents during a break, she was involved in a serious traffic accident. When she came to she found herself locked up in a mysterious castle, with no recollection of how she arrived there.

The servants eventually explain that she had inherited the castle, but Fiona had not been aware of any relatives who had lived in such a place. Frightened and confused, she searches for a way to escape, but is thwarted at every turn by inhabitants of the castle.

Fiona has never had much talent for sports or other athletic endeavors. She is very quiet and seems shy, but her spirit is strong - she is not weak-willed. There is something inside her that draws people in and wins them over. Despite her reticence, she is mentally agile and quick witted. She resists overrecting or letting her emotions get the best of her.

While exploring the ancient castle she meets a dog named Hewie, and they quickly develop a tight bond."


Once you have completed the game once and depending on how you go completing the game you gain unlockable outfits which you can place on Fiona during your next playthrough through the Secret room.

  • Normal Outfit - The default outfit, you gain after you first meet Daniella after leaving the cellar.
  • Alternate Outfit - Similar to the Normal Outfit, but Fiona's hair is down and she is barefoot. To gain this outfit you must complete the game once.
  • Under the Scalpel - A patients gown, usually worn by those undergoing surgery. To gain this outfit you must complete the game once.
  • Texen Cowgirl - A Cowgirl outfit with a gun replacing the kick option. To gain this outfit you must complete the game and get ending A. This is arguably the best costume for combat, but a disadvantage is accidentally shooting Hewie.
  • Illegal In Some States - .A bondage dominatrix outfit with a whip replacing the kick option. To gain this outfit you must complete the game once.
  • Fiona the Frog - A comical outfit with the bonus ability of prolonged stamina. To gain this outfit you must complete the game and get ending C.
  • Fiona's Main outfit
  • alternate costume 1
  • Under the scalpel
  • Texas Cowgirl
  • Fiona's very revealing alternate leather outfit
  • Fiona's frog outfit in-game

Other Edit


  • Fiona bears an extremely strong resemblance to Jill Valentine from another Capcom horror game called, Resident Evil 5. Both of them possess pale skin-tone, Blonde hair (albeit Jill's natural hair color is brown) which is tied back to a low ponytail, a large bust, similar facial structure (more notably at the jaws), and light-blue eyes. Jill's RE5 look may have recycled from fiona, or Fiona's looks have been based off from Jill's appearance in RE: Remake.
  • Fiona can also play piano just like Jill Valentine, although it is not known if she can play as good as Jill could.
  • Almost every male character is attracted to fiona; for an instance, Hewie saves Fiona from Debilitas, after she set him free of the barbed wire tied around his neck which started their bond, Debilitas follows her around Belli Castle thinking she is a doll to be played by him, Riccardo has the intention of raping Fiona due to his desire to be born again using Fiona's azoth, Lorenzo would watch Fiona undress and get dressed through the peephole in the guest room, and when she encounters his youthful form, Lorenzo strokes his cheek whilst he is talking to Fiona.