Debilitas is the first stalker you encounter in Haunting Ground ,despite him being an antagonist, he is not an evil character.


Debilitas is a mentally-challenged, hulking, and grotesque-looking hunchback who works at the Belli castle as the handyman and gardener.Despite him being very big, he has the mental capacity of a four-year old, and very prone to outburst.He only speaks simple and small languages, and can only be heard speaking short garbles: "My dolly", "Fiona where is you?", and sometimes "My little poogly pie", "Good Night", "Me mad!" (this can be hear when you hide in evasion point when you push the bookcase in Debilitas). He often plays with dolls, and thinks that Fiona is a big doll for him to be played, thus he is compelled to pursue her. Debilitas is persistent but can be easily outwitted by Fiona. He can kill Fiona by crushing with a "bear-hug" and beat her to death if she on panic.

Haunting GroundEdit

Debilitas Harasses Fiona Belli and Hewie until they enter the chapel, where a fight ensumes. The battle has two results: Fiona can either drop a chandelier on top of him (but this doesn't kill him), or Fiona can wear down his health.However, if he lets him live, he will show his true self as an innocent child, naive to what he has put Fiona through. Debilitas had begun to see Fiona as a holy figure when he sees her silhouetted against the light and stained glass windows, and will interrupt his pursuing, making him no longer a threat to Fiona.She may encounter him again, if she does, Debilitas will bow and treat her with respect.


Debilitas will nomally appear when Fiona has finished a puzzle or triggered a scene. During the first parts of the game, Debilitas will flee when Fiona had dealt enough damage to him.Debilitas will become more agressive after picking up the lunar refractor.

Debilitas will rarely find Fiona if she's under a bed or in a closet, however due to a glitch, his hands will fly through doors, resulting in Fiona being noticed when hiding behind opened doors.