My creator said he made me the perfect woman, but I cannot taste or experience pleasure or feel pain

- Daniella

Daniella is the tertiary antagonist and a stalker from Haunting Ground. She displays severe mental instability during her pursuit of Fiona Belli. She is a resident and sole maid of Belli Castle, often seen preparing meals and cleaning during early progression of the game.

Daniella chases Fiona because Fiona possesses the Azoth, an alchemical symbol of life, which Daniella believes will make herself a "complete" woman, and possibly make her fertile. With limited knowledge of alchemy, Daniella believes that if Fiona is killed, she can simply take the Azoth from her corpse after ripping out her uterus. This seems to be what she is doing during a game over, as it sounds like Daniella is ripping off Fiona's clothes and cutting into her womb in order to obtain the Azoth latent inside, possibly having an orgasm while doing so

Second Stalker, Daniella.Edit

Daniella became an instant fan favourite in the game haunting ground as the second stalker. Daniella appears to dislike herself even though she is said to be beautiful by Fiona. During gameplay curtains can be drawn from mirrors to distract Daniella as she stops to scream in horror at her reflection before smashing it in insane laughter. She claims to be 'incomplete' and pursues Fiona to attain her azoth. Fans claim Azoth to be Fiona's womb as many hints are given throughout the game. Daniella lowers her hand to rest just where the womb is. As well as this, when killed by Daniella, the player can hear ripping sounds as Daniella rips out Fiona's womb in order to make herself complete for her 'master' whom created her. Daniella is physically the fastes as well as the cruelest in all of the stalkers, she is very hard to outrun, when a Fiona enters a room and doesn't shut the door, Daniella herself will do it, creating some fear and frustration to the player. She also has the tendency to "play" with Fiona, when Fiona is hiding she will pretend that she doesn't know where she is, even though she perfectly does. She can also hide in the cabinets in her level, if Hewie growls at a nearby closet it is inadvisable to open it as Daniella will give chase. When hiding, Daniella will leave the area only to come back several seconds after (this is the reason most people ignore the "coast clear" sign).She also has the tendency to take her anger on Hewie, if she can't find Fiona she will hurt Hewie either by poking him with him fire poker or slashing him with her glass shard.

Daniella's fight is fairly easy, as you only have to move the alchemical blocks, and then lure her to the shining mirror in the floor. She will freeze in shock, then scream, shattering the glass roof above her. A large shard of glass then impales her in the chest in between her breasts.